Always crunchy, always delicious... Because Melis pickled cornichons and gherkins are hand-picked from the fields. Due to Melis’ care and expertise, products are packed within 8-18 hours to maintain their freshness. They are perfect for snacking as well as condiments for sandwiches, hamburgers, salads and all the dishes.

Fire Roasted Products

Perfect taste as if it is home made... We select the most delicious peppers and eggplants that the nature offers, expertly produce Melis's roasted vegetables that effortlessly colours your tables and enriches your meals.

Canned Vegetables

In our fertile soil, we harvest the vegetables that we grow under Aegean sun during the season and pack them fresh in their most natural form. We add natural flavours to your delicious meals.


We provide excellent flavours to your hot and cold dishes with our delicious sauces from world cuisines. We are enriching our sauce range day by day to bring perfection to your meals.

Dried Vegetables

Our hand picked and dried under the Aegean Sun tomatoes, preserve all the goodness of nature. Whether you use it in salads, pizzas and pasta, or as a healty snack, our dried tomatoes add flavour and health to your food with high nutritional value and unique taste.