Corporate Policies

Environment Policy

While producing pickles, canned vegetables and sauces, with our internal and external partners, our environment policy consists of;
* To comply with applicable environmental laws and related regulations
* To monitor the environmental impacts arising from our activities, to reduce or eliminate them
* To manage wastes formed as a result of our activities with appropriate approach to the relevant legislation,
* To use environmentally friendly packaging materials,
* To be open to public scrutiny by environment-related issues

Waste Management
Hazardous and non-hazardous waste resulting from the factory is collected in a temporary warehouse area and then disposed of through licensed companies.
Waste Water  Management
The treatment of the waste water from our facilities is performed in our biological laboratory which has 3,500 m3/h flow capacity, equipped with the latest technology. The values of KOI, AKM, and pH are periodically performed in our water laboratory and regularly inspected by an accredited organization.
Air Quality Management
The emission values of the coal-fired fluidized bed boiler are measured online. Emission values are kept under the limit values, ‘Industrial Facilities Implementation of Air Quality Control Regulation

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is one of our top priorities while delivering our wide range of products from pickles and vegetables to gourmet sauces in jars to our customers around the world. For the protection and development of the healthy and safe workplace we have created, everyone is responsible for doing what is necessary within their jurisdiction.
Our employees are among our most important values and participate in all training activities organized to effectively implement occupational health and safety practices.
By adopting the zero accident and zero occupational disease target, risks are reduced and the measures taken are kept under constant control.
We work with all our strength to follow and follow the legal obligations and standards closely on the protection and control of employee health, the creation, protection, and development of a safe working environment.

Quality and Food Safety Policies

While producing pickles, canned food, and sauce products for our consumers and our customers with the contributions of our internal and external stakeholders, our fundamental policy is;
* To ensure food safety,
* To comply with the legal regulations in force in our fields of activity,
* To provide unconditional customer satisfaction,
* Improving and improving our Quality and Food Safety Management Systems continuously,
* Our processes; to present our products at the most appropriate value by managing them with effective, efficient, innovative, innovative and sustainable development approaches,
* To analyze, evaluate and manage food safety and occupational health risks related to our activities and to manage them with appropriate protective measures,
* To implement the practices that value human and environment and to use natural resources efficiently,* Our employees; to ensure competence development in line with our strategic objectives, awareness of the requirements of our quality and food safety management systems and their contribution to the development of the systems,

Social Compliance Policy

While producing our pickles, canned food and sauce products with the contributions of our internal and external stakeholders, our social compliance policy is;
* To comply with the applicable labor law and related legal regulations,
* Not to discriminate against gender, age, religion, race, sect etc.  on issues such as recruitment, remuneration, education and promotion,
* Providing at least minimum legal wage to employees and not making any illegal wage deduction,
* Complying with working hours by the current legal regulations and sectoral standards,
* To provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees,
* Not to employ child labor,
* Do not employ any employee under forced or compulsory conditions,
* To comply with the legal regulations in force on environmental issues.